Thursday, May 3, 2012

WorldFest and Halau Hula O Noelani

Keiki dancers (children)

dancer with uli uli, gourd rattles

Halau Hula o Noelani members with admirer, Jerry Padilla

Karyn and Annie at the APIA table demonstrating how to make spring rolls

Field and Karyn
APIA had a table with spring roll demonstrations which attracted groups of viewers.  We distributed flyers about the upcoming Asian Pacific Islander Forum on May 9th.  Students could also pick up the APIA scholarship application.

Halau Hula o Noelani performed auana style hula for the students. Apparently, the traditional kahiko style is not usually performed with recorded music on CDs, only with live musicians.  The auana performance was enhanced by the translations of the movements by a member of the group. All in all it was a success!

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