Thursday, October 25, 2018

8th Annual Asian Pacific Islander Forum
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Asian/Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association (APIA), the Cadena Cultural Center and the NOCCCD Office of Diversity and Compliance sponsored:

8th Annual Asian Pacific Islander Forum
Wednesday, October 24
In the Fullerton College Center, Room 224-8

Celebrating Pilipinx-American History Month and the contributions of the Pilipinx American community in honor of Larry Itliong Day (Oct. 25).
With guest speakers from “Search to Involve Pilipino Americans” (SIPA).
84 students and 16 staff attended the forum!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Asian Pacific Islander Forum will be held on

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

on Fullerton College in Bldg. 200, rm. 224-228

11:45 am to 1:30 pm

In celebration of Pilipinx-American History Month the forum will include speakers from SIPA, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Kaya Press presents Migrant Voices Between Korea and China

Kaya Press presents Migrant Voices Between Korea and China

 “Migrant Voices Between Korea and China: Politics, Literature, and Translation in Kim San’s Song of Airang and Cheon Unyeong’s Farewell, Circus” 
September 7, 2018 at 3-5 PM, Doheney Memorial Library (DML 240) at USC; light refreshments will be served. 
The ethnic Korean minority in China have emerged in recent years as important political and cultural mediators between China and the two Koreas, while also growing more assertive of their own autonomous identity from all three East Asian nation-states. Timed with the inaugurations of the Magpie Series in Modern and contemporary Korea Literature at Kaya Press, this symposium brings together writers, academics, and cultural producers to reflect on the politics of historical and contemporary diaspora of the Korean Chinese and the literary translation of migrant voices. The event will center on two opening publications of Magpie Series: the expanded edition of Kim San and Nym Wale’s Song of Arirang, a biography of a Korean revolutionary in 1930s China, and the first English translation of Cheon Unyeong’s Fairwell, Circus, a rare novel about Korean-Chinese intermarriage.
This symposium will feature presentations by Choen Unyeong and Jinim Park, respectively writer and translater of Farewell, Circus, and by the editor of Song of Arirang, Prof. Dongyoun Hwang (Soka University). They will be joined by USC and UCLA faculty and student respondents.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Welcome Reception and APIA Scholarships

On May 8th, 2018, APIA held a welcome reception for Dr. Joanna Schilling and Provost Valentina Purtell. In addition, APIA awarded our annual scholarship.

Michelle Tee, Valentina Purtell, Dr. Joanna Schilling and Billy Pashaie

President Greg Schulz of Fullerton College, Chancellor Cheryl Marshall and Fred Williams (Vice Chancellor, Finance & Facilities)

Camille was recognized for her academic excellence during her studies at Fullerton College. She was on the President’s Honor list, she won the library’s Banned Book essay contest, and she received a UCLA research grant to fund her work on the topic, “Marginalization Through Diction: Examining everyday microaggressions to LGBTQ students of color at Community College Campuses.”
While keeping up her grades, Camille also found time for volunteer work that earned her the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society Community Service Award.  Camille volunteered off-campus at Commonwealth Elementary School and at retirement homes, but she has also been very active on-campus. She received the Senator of the Year award for her service on Associated Students as the Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee and in various other capacities. She also served as the Fullerton College delegate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. Camille participated as a representative or panelist at events at UCI, UCR, and Fullerton College to provide perspectives and solutions for educators and students dealing with LGBTQ students of color. Camille also received the Students of Distinction Service Achievement Award.

Our Cypress College APIA scholarship recipient, Bao Tran, unfortunately had a scheduling conflict and was unable to accept his award at the Anaheim campus event. Bao Tran came highly recommended by Jane Jepson, a counselor at Cypress College, who has known him since 2016. They met when he became a student worker in the Career Technical Education department. He immigrated to the US in 2013 and after overcoming language barriers and financial hardships, Bao completed high school then enrolled at Cypress College, where he has studied graphic design. He plans to attend Cal State Long Beach this fall, continuing his studies in graphic design. He was very busy during his 3 years at Cypress College. He became known for his technical and artistic expertise. He also gained a reputation as the person that his peers could always count on. Bao found his calling in human rights and you could find him volunteering at the International Student Club and Multicultural Club events. He won a number of awards for his activism and academic achievements.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Welcome Event

APIA will be welcoming Dr. Joanna Schilling and Valentina Purtell to the NOCCCD. During this event, we will be awarding a scholarship to a deserving student from both Fullerton College and Cypress College.

Social Mixer and Membership Drive

Several members of APIA met at a restaurant and mingled with other NOCCCD employees interested in APIA. APIA is expanding our membership through all the campuses in the district and we encourage you to attend our events.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WorldFest April 2018

APIA members set up a popular table at the annual WorldFest event organized by the Cadena Cultural Center. Students and staff could pinpoint the countries of origin of their families and ancestors on a world map. The diversity on campus was apparent when tracking the locations on the map. Students and staff marked origins from the following locations: Africa, California (Native American), Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jakarta, Japan, Mexico, North Korea, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Scotland, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Surabaya, Sweden, Syria, Tonga, and Vietnam. In addition, API students could write on post-its to comment on their experiences at Fullerton College. Thydan Huynh, Marwin Luminarias, Naomi Abesamis, Kevin Tran, and Jane Ishibashi helped out with the display table.